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A new way to interact with your customers,
built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, powered by Wufoo forms.

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Just sign up onlinenow and you'll have a fully integrated form with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 5 minutes. Using Forms2crm is a simple as filling a form! No time wasted, clear and live process.
If you want to test our solution first, no problem: you have the Forever free plan that let you integrate one form to your Microsoft CRM.
You need more? Then you just have to upgrade to our premium plan.

Up to 9 steps for one form integration: it means that you can insert data up to 9 entities in one simple forms.

forms2crm microsoft dynamics crm 2011

Built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Our solution is made for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It means that we've taken care to give you the full access to Microsoft CRM functionalities:
- Access to any entities including custom ones
- Access to any fields including Lookups
- Upload of up to 10 files per forms in any entities notes (including comments)
- mapping between wufoo picklist elements and Microsoft CRM lookups (!)
- mapping with Wufoo system fields and Microsoft CRM
- reference to previous steps of an integration
And many more functionnalities! You definitively need to try it...

forms2crm made for wufoo

Extending the power
of Wufoo

We did not want to re-invent the wheel and build a webforms program. There already are too many of them available. We choose the best, with the best track record: Wufoo! The power of Wufoo is not just forms, it is also:
- Payment integration (we use it by the way)
- Avanced notifications and contextual behaviours
- reports and widgets
- email notifications
You need Wufoo today!

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