Meet the team behind forms2crm

Jean Stanghellini

Jean Stanghellini

Application Designer

Jean is the visionair behind the company. He has years of experience in the CRM world and hates complex things. His vision: USER FIRST!


Development Manager

The technical guru that takes bring our ideas to life. Bruno is expert on webservices and integration of different platform and programs.

Olivier Pouchus


Conceptual and design genius. Science without art is not good science. Olivier brings his art to our solutions.

Laurent Peretti


Laurent is the guy that build Microsoft CRM solutions every day! He's the voice of the customer and our voice too!

How it started.

We are strong specialist of Microsoft CRM. Even more we are CRM guys!

From the beginning our main preoccupation was to use Microsoft CRM when we want, the way we want.

First we decided to build a FULL and DISCONNECTED client of Microsoft CRM for iPhone and iPad. We have a nice users base and now the product is updated frequently. Every user of iDcrm have the full Microsoft CRM experience on a NATIVE iPad or iPhone app.

Then a new need rised: customer / prospect / people interaction on the web.
Usually this is done by forms. But forms means custom development (not for normal user) or (maybe) standard form generators. We discovered Wufoo and we love it! But Wufoo don't speak "Microsoft CRM"...
So we've build a web app (forms2crm) that connect Wufoo forms to your Microsoft CRM. But forms2crm is not just a bridge: you can apply up to 9 different steps for one form entry! Try it, you'll ask: how can I ever lived without that....

Why Wufoo ?

Because Wufoo is just amazing! They focus on building the best forms generator. Our mento is: "FOCUS!" and they do.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM ?

Because it is the best CRM ever (now even on a Mac!)

Why forms2crm ?

Because possibilities are endless...

The company

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Phone: +33 9 70 469 617
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European VAT number: FR12481217388

Created in 2005, Numenes is a french company specialized on creative solutions around:

- Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- iOS (iPad and iPhone) platform
- cloud solutions

We've also developed iDcrm, the best client for Microsoft CRM on iPad and iPhone.

Forms2crm is hosted by a well known French cloud company that has a redundant and secure infrastructure: